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Dick Davis - Owner DKG Leather
DKG Leather is an authorized distributor for: Tandy leather Factory. Plus we have access to many other vendors. We have many fine products to help you care for your leather goods.

DKG has the capability to manufacture leather shapes in quantity . . . just submit actual size drawing or tracing and the amount required to Dick Davis by fax or e-mail and he will send you a quote. more...

VISA - DKG Leather is proud to accept Visa as
a payment option.

MASTERCARD - DKG Leather is proud to accept
Mastercard as a payment option.

DISCOVER - DKG Leather is proud to accept
Discover as a payment option.

AMERICAN EXPRESS - DKG Leather is proud to
accept American Express as a payment option.
y guides/princess vests
During the Y Guides/Princess recruiting and induction period, generally late August, September, October and early November, I am available to attend recruiting and/or induction events in the Southern California area to supply the vests. I will have the “try on vests” so the child and adult can determine the proper size. You will need to email me at or call me at 562.400.9844 so I can schedule your event on my calendar. more...